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Nike Steiger

Nike Steiger grew up in Hamburg, Germany where occasionally she would go sailing with her father. Now in her early thirties she has embarked on an adventure that took her to Panama to refit a 37 foot aluminum-hulled sailboat by herself. She had purchased the boat to sail the South Pacific and leisurely chart a winding course back to Germany - most often single-handing the boat by herself. She has documented the refitting and her sails around the Caribbean on her own Youtube channel and is preparing to head out soon for some bluewater sailing on the Pacific Ocean to whatever destinations catch the fancy of this remarkble woman.

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Lena Erdil

Lena Erdil, born in Izmir, Turkey in 1989 is a professional windsurfer who competes in the PWA World Tour. Her family moved to Germany when she was very young, but would often return to holiday in Çeşme - a beach resort located 85 kilometers west of İzmir - the largest metropolitan center in Turkey's Aegean Region, where she learned to windsurf. She became the Turkish Junior Champion when she was 16 years old and began to take the sport quite serious, so she started camping in Bodrum and in Hawaii where she could spend more time windsurfing. Eventually she was awarded a grant to study at Sussex University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and Philosophy.


Belçim Bilgin

Belçim Bilgin was born in Ankara, Turkey and became a Turkish film and television actress. She left school while in the middle of a degree in information management at Hacettepe University to travel to Paris for the post-production of director Hiner Saleem's first film, Kilometer Zero. While working on this film in Paris, she learned to speak French at the Sorbonne School of Languages. When Kilometer Zero was released in 2005 and entered in the 2005 Cannes Film Festival and other film festivals, her life forever changed. After her second film, Dol ou la Vallée Tambours, was released in 2006, Belçim returned to Turkey where she acted in a TV series named Hatırla Sevgili (Remember Beloved) and in a movie named Güz Sancısı (Pains of Autumn). She had been a university student living in Ankara, Turkey - her only acting experience was performing in non-professional student productions. In short order she found herself at a red-carpet premiere for Kilometer Zero at the Grand Theatre Lumiere dressed in a €30,000 designer dress.

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Hazal Kaya

Hazal Kaya grew up in Gaziantep in a far eastern province of Turkey which is quite conservative. She moved to Istanbul and attended highschool there until she graduated in 2009. She attended the performing arts program at Bilgi University and entered into acting on television in her first role when she was quite young. Hazal speaks English, Italian and French fluently - as well as her native Turkish. Currently, she is learning her fifth language which is German. Voted #7 in Summitrans's Most Beautiful Women In The World contest in 2014, she was paid US$2 million dollars for a Lux International advertisement the same year.


Demet Evgar

Demet Evgar, born in May of 1980 in Manisa, Turkey is a Turkish theater, television, film actress and singer. Evgar graduated from the Istanbul University National Conservatory in Theatre. Her first role was at 17 years of age with the amateur theatre group, 'Afsem Theatre' where her first ever stage appearance was in the Ray Cooney play: 'It Runs in the Family'. She went on to establish herself as one of the best female actors in Turkey, but Evgar reached the peak of mainstream fame and recognition when she took on the role of 'Zeynep Yildirim' on the hit TV show, '1 Kadin, 1 Erkek', which was adapted from the French TV Show, 'Un Gars, Une Fille'.

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Leila Janah

Leila Janah grew up in New York state, but soon moved to San Pedro near Los Angeles, California. Janah is the Founder and CEO of Samasource and LXMI, two companies that share a common social mission to end global poverty by giving work to people in need. The Harvard graduate is the daughter of Indian immigrants, who came to the United States with absolutely nothing - Janah describes her childhood as being difficult - often due to a lack of financial security. As a young girl, Janah worked numerous jobs, including babysitting and tutoring and later attended the California Academy of Mathematics and Science where she won a scholarship at 17 through American Field Services. She spent her time in this scholarship program teaching children in Akuapem, Ghana where she spent 6 months during her senior year of high school. Janah has cited this early experience as sparking her passion for working in Africa, and continued to visit the continent during her years in college.

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Nike Steiger

Karen David is a Canadian-British actress, singer and songwriter who moved to Toronto, Canada, with her family and later to London, England. Her birthplace in Shillong, India is one of the few remaining matriarchal societies left in the world. Her father is Indian Jewish and her mother is of Khasi-Chinese descent. She is best known for portraying Francesca 'Cesca' Montoya in the BBC television series, Waterloo Road, and Layla in the American action film, The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior. At the age of seventeen she won a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston where she studied jazz and gospel. It was there that she discovered a flair for songwriting. A few years later, David moved to London to study at the Guildford School of Acting. Not only is David an exotic beauty, but an extremely talented actress, singer and songwriter.

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women of the world

Troublesome Patriarchal Dominance - Time For More Women in Positions of Power

unique women of the world

Women from around the world that are living on the edge, doing something special, making a difference or generally in possession of a unique nature. In my book these women should be put in positions of power and allowed a chance to see what they would add to our world, instead of the men that promise blah-blah-blah and then fill their own pockets as well as the pockets of their buddies. The way I see it, any of this diverse group of women would be an improvement...

These are the kind of women that should be put in positions of power. They would make positive contributions with their time and resources and leave the world better for having been here. And not to mention the fact that they all certainly look far more appealing...

From century to century throughout history the men have ruled the roost in politics and business and relegated the home as the place where the women were to direct their attention and efforts. The women have done their job admirably, but the men have failed miserably in most cases. Their politics are corrupt and their businesses have turned into large greedy corporations. The patriarchal model is evidently not working so well - so maybe it's time to hand the reins over to the women. The wars and conflicts around the world are the result of male dominance in politics, and more often than not, are set in motion to benefit male controlled corporate interests. Turn on the evening news anywhere in the world and you'll see images of angry men in conflict and women and children in flight. It is time for change...

Women Of Substance - Interesting and Unique Women

unique women of the world

unique women of the world

unique women of the world

Worldwide women are asserting themselves and taking charge of everything from the corporate boardroom to more artistic and unique positions in the world of art, design, cuisine and adventure travel. On the African continent women are raising themselves into postions of power in politics, the arts and business. Women are no longer to be kept within stereotypical confines and are no longer asking for empowerment, but are simply taking charge over their lives and the situations and events that affect them. Above are just three of these self empowered females.

unique women of the world

unique women of the world

unique women of the world

When it comes to being on the front lines amidst the unrest that has been reshaping countries around the world, it is now women who are placing themselves at risk to bring news to the rest of us about not only the conflicts that mainstream media reports, but often to expose corruption and abuses that might well never surface if it wasn't for these women on the ground in these locations bringing these misdeeds to the attention of a worldwide audience. The women above are three - one from Tunis, one from London, and one from Cairo that played integral roles in bringing the world's attention to injustice.


Prominent Womens Groups - Women Around the World


As a global women's advocacy organization, WEDO envisions a just world that promotes and protects human rights, gender equality and the integrity of the environment. WEDO's mission is to ensure that women's rights; social, economic and environmental justice; and sustainable development principles, as well as the linkages between them are at the heart of global and national policies, programs and practices.


Started in 1915, when 1,200 women from a diversity of cultures and languages came together in The Hague during the First World War, to study, make known and eliminate the causes of war. They issued resolutions, sent out delegations to most countries engaged in the First World War and created our organisation: the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. WILPF for short.


W4 - Women's WorldWide Web is an online collaborative platform dedicated to empowering girls and women around the world, through education, microfinance, access to ICTs and networking. Connect with us and co-create opportunities for girls and women to thrive.


In July 2010, the United Nations General Assembly created UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. In doing so, UN Member States took an historic step in accelerating the Organization's goals on gender equality and the empowerment of women.


Since its founding in 1966, NOW's goal has been to take action to bring about equality for all women. NOW works to eliminate discrimination and harassment in the workplace, schools, the justice system, and all other sectors of society; secure abortion, birth control and reproductive rights for all women; end all forms of violence against women; eradicate racism, sexism and homophobia; and promote equality and justice in our society.


The Council of Women World Leaders is a network of current and former women presidents and prime ministers. The Council currently has 49 Members. The Council's mission is to promote good governance and enhance the experience of democracy globally by increasing the number, effectiveness, and visibility of women who lead at the highest levels in their countries.


The Women's Refugee Commission is having positive impact on the lives of displaced women, children and youth around the world. Their programs focus on reproductive health, economic livelihoods, displaced youth, asylum seekers and people with disabilities.


The International Federation of University Women (IFUW) is an international, non-profit organization of women graduates. We were founded in 1919 by women who believed in the importance of education and working together for peace, international understanding and friendship.

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Holiday Travel Destinations in Turkey

Holiday Travel Destinations in Turkey

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Kristin Espinasse
First French Essais:
Venturing into Writing, Marriage, and France
by Kristin Espinasse

Kristin Espinasse is the American woman behind the blog French-Word-A-Day.com. Her personal essays make up the books "Words in a French Life" and "Blossoming in Provence." As a columnist at France Today, her back page "Dernier Mot" is read by Francophiles bimonthly. She lives in Provence with her French husband, their two children, and two golden retrievers. Sign up for her free word journal at www.french-word-a-day.com In her latest book of colorful photos and tender essays, Kristin shows us how she overcomes cultural "tests", always finishing with an "A" for amour de la vie!


Women in the World Foundation

Women in the World is a movement dedicated to advancing women and girls through stories and solutions. The Women in the World Foundation is a powerful initiative dedicated to driving solutions that advance women and girls.
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International Museum of Women

International Museum of Women invites you to experience this innovative twenty-first century museum and be a part of advancing the lives of women around the world by participating in their global online exhibitions and supporting their efforts with a secure online donation!

women for women

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