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Alana Dante
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Alana Dante, born Christel Hoogewijs in Brussels on December 1, 1969 is a Belgium-born singer. At the age of 4, she started to sing along with the songs she heard on the radio as well as making up her own songs. When she was 12, she went to the music academy where she studied violin and took singing lessons for almost 8 years. Her first instrument was not her voice, but the violin. It was shortly after her violin lessons that Alana Dante began to explore her vocal talents by taking singing lessons. It's not an uncommon trait for musicians in the musical world to have a background in playing more than one instrument, however, Alana Dante found her niche, and she wasn't going to let it go. Growing up, singing for family and friends, it wasn't long before she would allow people outside of her family hear what she had to offer. She would perform regularly at karaoke bars and clubs in Belgium before she attained professional success. She was discovered by producer Peter Neefs, who was also the man behind the Belgian dance-project Touch Of Joy.

Alana started her professional career in 1997 with a dance version of Céline Dion's song "Think Twice". Her big breakthrough was with her 1998 hit "Take Me For a Ride". Her next single "The Life of the Party" became an even bigger hit. In 1999 Dante won the third semifinal of the Belgian selections for the Eurovision Song Contest with the single "Get ready for the Sunsand". Her first album was called Disco-Suppa-Girl which was enthusiastically received by her fans. Most tracks of the album are happy dance tracks with a catchy melody. Throughout her time in recording studios, she has been busy recording her electro pop songs that carried enhanced influences of her original musical sounds. Her fans found that her sound only kept getting better and more fun to dance to. Her work through the last several years has been with other recording artists that are well known through the techno-pop and electronic genre of music. Fans today still know her voice and lyrics and they are very dedicated to her music. Eventually Alana changed her style of music from dance music and released a new full album called As Time Goes By.

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