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Alizée Poulicek
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Alizée Poulicek was born June 26, 1987 in Uccle, Belgium. She is a beauty pageant contestant who won the title of Miss Belgium 2008 and represented her country in Miss Universe 2008 in Nha Trang, Vietnam. She went unplaced at the latter pageant. She also represented Belgium in Miss World 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her ambition is to become a television presenter and has presently completed many contracts in TV.

She is of Czech origin by her father, Jiri, and Belgian mother, Dominique. She has a sister Merissa and a brother Pierre-Yves. In the contest for Miss Belgium, a controversy aroused in Flanders. During the show, Alizee Poulicek was unable to understand and respond to a question in Dutch and the public booed her starting a controversy unexpectedly in the media. At the time of the contest she could not speak fluent Dutch - although she did receive Dutch lessons in school, but according to Poulicek they were "of ridiculous low quality" - which lead to the controversy in Flanders. She can speak French, English, and Czech - so cut her some slack for not having fluency in a fourth language.

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