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Brigitta Callens
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Brigitta Callens was born September 28, 1980 in Oudenaarde, East Flanders, Belgium. She was Miss Belgium 1999 and her country's representative to Miss World in 1999.

Brigitta Callens was born in Oudenaarde, a small town known as the jewel of the Flemish Ardennes. She was a ballerina for 8 years when she was a young girl. She spent her childhood in Oudenaarde and moved to Ghent during her teens to study languages.

After she won the Miss Belgium contest in 1999 at the age of 18, she became a successful model and signed a contract with Stafford Miller where she booked the Sensodyne International campaign. She worked long time as a model and make-up artist in Antwerp and created her own line of jewellery, named AKINA, which is the Japanese name for the first spring flower.

Later on, she became interested in photography. In her private life, Brigitta has always been a very spiritual person and has always been a serious practictioner of Yoga in all its physical, spiritual and intellectual aspects. She practices Raja Yoga and studied in India at the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo & Auroville, also in Thailand, Indonesia, New York, Paris and London. She was a student at the European Academy for Natural Healthcare, and trains Raja Yoga & Vedanta in her homecountry.

In her own words...

"In Eastern philosophy it is said that man has forgotten why he is here. With all the impressions from outside ahead of us, we're out of touch with our creator - and lost within ourselves. All the answers are within us, but it takes an incredible amount of discipline and dedication to rediscover sight of those lost gifts which are our birthright. Many of us have the ability to find these things but feel lost and turn to others for understanding and meaning, while the answers are deep within ourselves. We are all part of our divine creator and the creation itself and if we accept that divine connection, we have to go the path of enlightenment. Yoga allows us to experience this connection. This realization is coupled with an unshakable confidence. This is Self-realization. "

She runs her own Yoga & Mindstyle Institute "La Maison Pure" and works for Life Tv, a Belgian Tv channel about Health and the Quality of Life, where she has a program about Yoga.

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