Ocean Resort BlankenbergeHotel de la Poste is a well-established hotel with a rich history. It is centrally located in Bouillon on the banks of the river. The extensive continental breakfast buffet includes sparkling wine. The historic building has a classical interior giving the rooms a romantic atmosphere, and most offer a panoramic view of the river valley and the castle. The hotel features a gastronomic restaurant, brasserie, bar, salon, Lounge and terrace. The region is ideal for Nordic Walking and Mountain biking. The Archeoscope Godefroid de Bouillon is 100 metres away. Chateau Bouillon is a 5-minute walk from the hotel. The French border is 5.5 km from Relais de Napoleon III.
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Hasselt is a Belgian city and municipality, and capital of the Flemish province of Limburg. The Hasselt municipality includes the original city of Hasselt, plus the old communes of Sint-Lambrechts-Herk, Wimmertingen, Kermt, Spalbeek, Kuringen, Stokrooie, Stevoort and Runkst, as well as the hamlets and parishes of Kiewit, Godsheide and Rapertingen. Hasselt is located at the Demer river and is also connected to the Albert Canal. Hasselt is located in between the Campine and Hesbaye regions in the middle of the Euregion Meuse-Rhine.

Hasselt is a traffic junction of important traffic arteries from all directions. The most important traffic arteries being the E313 Antwerp-Liège and the E314 Brussels-Aachen European motorway routes. Hasselt itself is enclosed by 2 ring roads. The outer ring road serves to keep traffic out of the city centre and main residential areas. The inner ring road, the so-called "Green Boulevard", serves to keep traffic out of the commercial centre, which is almost entirely a pedestrian area. There are also important traffic arteries to Tongeren, Sint-Truiden, Maastricht, Genk, Diest and Eindhoven.

The city lies within approximately an hour's drive from the airports of Brussels, Liège, Maastricht, Antwerp, Cologne-Bonn and Charleroi. Within a three hour radius, the major hubs of Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Paris can be reached. Private aircraft can land in Hasselt itself, on the airfield of Kiewit. The town has a major train station, but train links are currently neither high speed, nor covering all directions. High speed train stations are closest in Liège and Leuven. Most critically, Hasselt currently lacks any major transport route linking it to the Ruhr valley area of Germany, despite the geographical closeness of this area.

The town centre of Hasselt is not large but very sociable. The centre is mostly car-free and contains a number of historical buildings. Among the oldest buildings in the town centre are the St. Quentin's Cathedral (11th to 18th C.) and the "Herkenrode Abbey refuge house" (1542). The "Grote Markt" - a large central market square, and the nearby streets are lined with pubs, restaurants and taverns. Hasselt University is in Diepenbeek, on the outskirts of Hasselt. The Irish Times Pub in Hasselt is located on the Fruit Markt, in between the 2 main shopping streets. This area offers the centre point in night life in Hasselt and The Irish Times Pub is definitely a pub to spend some time at.

The Demerstraat and the Koning Albertstraat are the most important shopping streets. In the Kapelstraat and the Hoogstraat are expensive shops with the most famous brands. Another major religious building, besides the cathedral, is the Virga Jesse Basilica. Both have to cede domination of the skyline of the city to the twin towers of the "TT-wijk", however; the renovation of this complex - now including a shopping mall and a hotel - in 2003 gave the centre a new boost. In 2004, Hasselt was the first Belgian city to receive the title "most sociable city of Flanders", and has since claimed the title of "Capital of Good Taste"; likewise, Hasselt is also considered an exemplary city regarding pedestrian facilities in the centre.


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