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Helena Noguerra
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Héléna Noguerra was born in Brussels on 18 May 1969 and is a Belgian actress, singer and television presenter of Portuguese descent. She's the sister of the singer Lio, Philippe Katerine's ex-wife and current partner of the son of the playwright Nicolas Bedos. Her songs have been used in commercials and television programs such as Lunettes noires pour nuits blanches by Thierry Ardisson (1988–1990). She has also sung for the 2010 video game, Bayonetta, where she sings both the game's main theme and a cover of Fly Me to the Moon. In 2010 she toured with French band Nouvelle Vague. She was also a highly successful model with both the Click Agency and Viva of Paris. Her next film, You Don't Choose Your Family, is currently in pre-production.

The idea behind the band Nouvelle Vague was to play songs from the new wave and early punk era like bossa nova or Brazilian lounge music, with sexy French ladies handling the vocals. Nouvelle Vague (the brainchild of French producers Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux) has recorded some lovely, quirky covers on its three albums, although the whole concept is pretty gimmicky. The schtick wears thin after a while, but it's enjoyable for a song or two or three.

Being able to exist as an artist, or simply as an individual, when much of your audience is only interested in your relatives? Héléna Noguerra had to ask this question many times, but does not take it too seriously. Yes singer Lio is her older sister, and in interviews you can see Helena not having much fun, bored or annoyed at always having to go through the same old questions about her famous relations. Helena plays with clichés of the pretty doll singing sixties, but keeps her distance to extract the essence of French pop.

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