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Lieven Bulckens
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Kid Fear is the band around singer-songwriter Lieven Bulckens who was born in Leuven, Belgium. He started writing songs in the fall of 2004.

After a series of solo performances and a year of hard work in the studio he'll soon be putting out his first album, 'The Carnival'. Lieven Bulckens is accompanied by Jelle Van den Bergh on bass, Koen Renders ..s, Sam Janssens on guitar and Bram Vanderweeën on drums. There's also a vocal contribution by Jonathan Vandenbroeck (Milow) on the record's title track.

The first track of the album is called “Weekend in the Sand” and it will also be the first single. It's a full-band 70's sounding pop song, with the appropriate backing vocals, giving away a certain nostalgic touch spread across the record.

Kid Fear alternates in an interesting way between serene, melancholic, heartbreaking ballads and surprisingly up-tempo songs. 'The Carnival' is produced by Koen Renders. In the meticulously layered songs we can hear traces of Ryan Adams in the title track or Josh Ritter in 'Hopes', a song that Norah Jones would probably also know her way around. A more harmonized song like 'Wave Goodbye' reminds us of Springsteen and R.E.M..

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