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23 year old model Alyzee was born in Paris of parents of Mexican origin (father) and Tunisian / Israeli origin (mother). In the beginning nothing foreordained her to become a model, since being small she was not what they call a role model of beauty. She had a rather ungraceful physical appearance and still remembers the mockery of certain pupils in her class which made her angry. She was rather thin, with acne, dentures, as well as wearing huge spectacles. Then the time came when she began changing psychologically as well as physically.

I loved putting down. I have already made it with a friend. They had a good time being taken in photograph and I pointed out that I liked sexy and undressed poses, a shoulder in air, then a belly, and they spent hours there, change clothes, underwear, to be tried to give the best possible result. It is there that I developed a taste to play with objective, looks, to make the comedy also, to give infinities of different expressions.

In the beginning, Alyzee wanted to be represented by an agency, but at 1.66m it was not possible. They recommended she become a glamour model, which suited her and she went after her modeling career, started to assert herself and got her revenge.

Alyzee worked for different clients such as Max, FHM, mobile telephony, Puts Art, Nakedby, Breathtakers, Uplay strip poker, different American clients and others still to come. She is interested in working with passionate, professional photographers with interesting projects to offer her.

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