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Anaïs Helena Kretz Lameche was born August 19, 1987 in French Alps, France and was an original member of the Swedish pop group Play from the band's formation in 2001 to its disbanding in late 2005. The girls release of their debut self-titled album, was just the beginning of what would be a great career for all of them. Anaïs was always described as "the wild one", who is never afraid of expressing her opinion. She comes from a musical family and cites her mother and sister as her biggest musical influences. Prior to joining Play, she performed the role of Rizzo in the musical Grease.

Anaïs was asked to join Play by Play's manager, Laila Bagge, who discovered Anaïs at her dancing school after the Lameche family settled in Täby, Sweden. Anaïs' older sister, Amanda Lameche, had already worked with Laila Bagge and had released a pop record in the United States.

In Play, Anaïs sang alto harmonies and some solos. She was the oldest member of the band. Recently, Anaïs has tried her hand at modeling. Anaïs is now doing a solo project like her former Play band members Faye Hamlin, Anna Sundstrand and Rosie Munter. She can speak four different languages - Swedish, English, Spanish and French and her hobbies include singing, dancing, and design.

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