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Eva Lesalon was a professional dancer for about ten years, a model for several years and now is behind the camera. She lives in the south of Bordeaux in the south west of France. Photography, painting, and art always fascinated her ever since her childhood. At a very early age she asked for these beautiful representative books with the works of the best, and she would ask for paints as well. She would ask for these things as others might ask for a dress or a pair of shoes.

She would derive the greatest pleasure from leafing through these books for hours, to return in the pictures and have them impregnate something in her. She liked these women who were so transformed by the eye of the photographer - until the moment she finally decided "...this is what I want to do!"

Her decision developed very quickly into her first shooting, then a second, and then a third one. It has now been several years that she has lived this passion in which she has invested herself in totally.

"I like to participate in the preparation of a shoot before and then during the shoot. Every photo session is a magic moment and I like to discover this new woman in the picture. The photo is a game - a comedy game that allows me to rediscover myself under different facets and I love it!! I have had the luck to collaborate with professional photographers as well as celebrated amateurs." - Eva Lesalon - 2010

Eventually she decided to drop fashion work and concentrate on wedding photography. "My approach is essentially based on the human to capture so true every moment of their day. I love natural light, I like to capture the love that united you and your family - the laughter , the tears of joy , the looks , the kisses without forgetting the small details of your decor." Eva also offers photography classes which are intended for individuals who want to master their digital camera. This course takes place at her home in Villandraut and is one on one individual instruction. More information about her photography and these classes on her website below.

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