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Born on August 25, 1980, in Sète, Hérault, France, she began her rise to fame on the television show Graines de Star in 1999. Her star-making performance on the show led to a major-label recording contract with Sony Music and the eventual release of her debut single, "Avant de Partir," in 2000. The lead single from her forthcoming full-length album debut, Aime-Moi (2002), "Avant de Partir" was a Top Five hit on the French singles chart.

The follow-up single "Elle" was a major hit also, breaking into the Top Ten, and though successive singles "Je Sais" and "C'est Pour Ça" were less popular, the run of hit singles helped carry Aime-Moi to number 11 on the French albums chart. In 2002 Angeli won the NRJ Music Award for Best New French Artist and released her second album, Nos Différences, which spawned a modest hit with its title track, a bilingual collaboration with the British boy band A1. Relative to her debut album, however, Nos Différences was a disappointment and Angeli subsequently receded from the spotlight for a couple years. She re-emerged in 2004 with the greatest-hits compilation Le Meilleur d'Eve Angeli and the new single "Une Chanson dans le Coeur," her biggest hit in years. Her third album, Viens (2005), followed, and while it spawned a couple modest hits with "Viens" and "Je Vais T'aimer," it continued to mark a downturn in Angeli's commercial success and concluded her association with Sony.

In subsequent years, Angeli published a book, Mes Evangélismes: Pensées d'une Blonde (2007), and released her first independent album, Revolution, in 2008.

In July 2004, she participated in an episode of the reality TV show 'La ferme des célébrités' and married in Las Vegas, on November 27, 2007, to her companion Michel.

Eve's album releases include:

  • Aime-moi (2002)
  • Nos Différences (2002)
  • Le Meilleur d'Eve Angeli (2004)
  • Viens (2005)
  • Révolution

Eve's single releases include:

  • "Avant de partir" Peak #4 (2000)
  • "Elle" Peak #6 (2001)
  • "Je sais" Peak #30 (2001)
  • "Nos différences - Caught in the middle" (feat. A1) Peak #15 (2002)
  • "C'est pour ça" Peak #12 (2002)
  • "Ma prière" Peak #58 (2003)
  • "Felicità - Une chanson dans le coeur" Peak #11 (2004)
  • "Viens" Peak #20 (2005)
  • "Je vais t'aimer" Peak #57 (2005)
  • "Na na naa (Le zapping)" (2007) (Digital Single)

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