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Èze is a commune in the Alpes-Maritimes department in south-eastern France, not far from the city of Nice. Èze is famous worldwide for the view of the sea from the top of its hill, and it is a renowned tourist site on the French Riviera. It is home to the Jardin botanique d'Èze, known for its collection of cactus and succulents as well as its panoramic views. Walt Disney spent a significant amount of time in Èze.

The oldest building in the village is the Chapelle de la Sainte Croix and dates back to 1306. Members of the lay order of the White Penitents of Èze, in charge of giving assistance to plague victims, would hold their meetings there. The shape of the bell-turret is an indication that the village once belonged to the Republic of Genoa.

The small medieval village is famous for its beauty and charm. It has many shops, art galleries, hotels and restaurants that attract a large number of tourists and honeymooners. As a result Èze has become a "museum village", few local residents live here. From Èze you have gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea. The Fragonard perfume factory has a sales outlet here.

The motto of the village is the phrase: "Isis Moriendo Renascor" which means "In death I am Reborn" and its emblem is a Phoenix perched on a bone. The local dialect, which is nearly extinct, is similar to the Monégasque language of the nearby Principality of Monaco, and is related to Ligurian but with some influences from the Occitan language.

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