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Olivia Adriaco is a singer and a writer who released her first album on a brand new label: IZI Records. This album, with it's fresh new sound was the result of years of personal researching and as much hard work. Accompanied by artists such as : Paul Ives, Paul Kiss, Mister Lab, Cecil Maury, Beverly Jo Scott, Robert Benzrihem and Philipp Draï, she unveils a true talent, inviting us into an innovative world of Pop and Rock. After four years of studying Drama at the « Rue Blanche » college of Arts, olivia joined a Theatre company, at the same time taking her first steps into Music, recording a few singles, forming a few groups, and touring with RMC Radio. Olivia started her career on TV, hosting different daily live shows on M6, a new private Tv channel. Amongst these shows, a health magazine « Hot Forme » presented with a very personal touch that brought a new style to Tv of the nineties. Then came the « Private Concerts » a live music show that Olivia hosted with passion.

This led to TF1, the number one private french channel on which she is still to this day co-presenting « Vidéo Gag », a popular family show. All the while on Tv, she host a daily radio show on « Rire et Chansons » NRJ, (Too Blonde For You) and released a book, published by Michel Laffon.

The album « Ambiguous » has 12 songs in English, produced by Cecil Maury with a team of musicians drawn from the four corners of Europe, with lyrics written by Paul Ives, an English writer, and Berverly Jo Scott, an American writer. As a result of the Concerts « Planet Janis » at the side of B.J.Scott and Paul Personne, and of the enthusiastic welcome from the public, Olivia recorded a new single : the mythic « Merceds Benz ».

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