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Venus is a former model and college graduate who was born in Paris on the 2nd of July in 1986. Her professional modeling career began when she was very young when she was signed by an agency. She is no longer interested in modeling, but she is proud of the work that she accomplished with the assistance of many persons such as her photographers, her make-up artists, and her hairdressers. Now she enjoys taking photographs with her camera when she travels. Asia always makes her dream to be on it's territory and it does something to her and makes her vibrate each year. To rediscover herself lost in the sticky heat of the summer days of Hong Kong and Tokyo, while going through District of Shanghai certainly, it's the one of her reasons to live. She likes to lose herself in the buildings, the smoked out temples, the humid odors of its foods, and its unknown languages. She likes to feel alone in these immense overcrowded cities, to be able to be a spectator of a world that budges and that advances - to be able to feel the differences with her own country and her own life. She finds it diffult to describe all these things why Asia makes her feel like living. Asia, and in particular China is a mystery that has fascinated her since her childhood. She is currently studying the Chinese language at the University.

She recognizes that she likes before all things, the tracks of those passed, therefore even if you see many photos of buildings and other modernities in her pages, she wishes to show the temples and the worn lanes, the buildings that she likes - the life scenes, the things that differ from those of our place. You can see these photos of Asia here and more on her MySpace page below:

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