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Debora Petrina
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Debora Petrina was born in Cittadella, Italy and is an Italian composer, pianist and singer.

During 1999 she begins her classical music collaboration with the Padua and Veneto Orchestra, working at the same time on jazz, rock and progressive music.

In 2003 she recorded an album for OgreOgress productions in the United States titled Early and Unknown Piano Pieces, featuring unpublished works by Morton Feldman.

In 2004 she participated to the album titled A Call for Silence, directed by Nicolas Collins, for Sonic Arts Network (UK).

In 2007 she won the Premio Ciampi for songwriting, and then played at Café du Nord, a club in San Francisco, with Amy X Neuburg and Emily Bezar. She then went to Mills College, in Oakland, playing unpublished contemporary classical music as well as some of her own pieces. She was also invited by the Cuban Institute of Music to play in Roldan Theatre, in Havana, and Radio Progreso dedicated a broadcast to her. She then played works of Morton Feldman at the Conway Hall in London.

In 2008 she was invited by Elliott Sharp to The Stone, a music club run by John Zorn, in New York, where she played with the drummer Mike Sarin.

In 2009 she published her first Italian album, titled In doma, distributed by Egea, featuring guests such as Elliott Sharp, Emir Bijukic, Amy Kohn and Ascanio Celestini. The album was reviewed by several musical magazines and radio broadcasts. It was included in the September 2009 playlist of David Byrne's web radio, and the TV news program Tg2 talked about it. It also won the Revelation Indie-Pop prize, during MEI 2009 -an indie festival.

During 2009 she played in many Italian towns: La Fenice Theatre, in Venice, with an unpublished work by Bruno Maderna - Cini Fondation, in Venice, with unpublished works by Nino Rota - The Piano Hour Series of Concertus Musicus, in Florence, as composer and improvisation player of prepared piano - Carambolage Theatre, in Bolzano - New Conversation Jazz Festival, in Vicenza - IX edition of Just Like A Woman Festival, in Savona - Woman In Villa Festival, at Villa Manin, in Codroipo - Venice Biennale, as keyboard player in a Frank Zappa piece - and Creativity Festival, in Florence.

Petrina has also been featured on the National Hungarian Radio, and on the Italian independent radio network: Radio Popolare in Milan, Radio Città Futura in Rome, Radio Città Del Capo in Bologna, Radio Capodistria in Trieste, and Controradio in Florence (Il Popolo del Blues, conducted by Ernesto De Pascale).

In 2009 RaiRadio1 invited her for the festival Demo d’Autore as one of the 10 best Italian authors among the 1000 selected by the program Demo.

She began 2010 with a New Year's Eve concert in the big Prato della Valle square in Padua, in front of about 70,000 spectators.

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