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Elisa Toffoli
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Elisa Toffoli, known professionally as Elisa, was born December 19, 1977 in Monfalcone, Italy. During her childhood she expressed a great artistic sensibility: dancing, painting, reading, and writing short stories. The love for art rose with Rudyard Kipling's poems and Jim Morrison's lyrical poetry, but the natural evolution of her talent was expressed in music at the age of eleven when she wrote her first lyrics and started to compose melodies.

At the age of sixteen she held an audition with music manager Caterina Caselli, who immediately perceived her talent. One year later, Elisa signed her first recording contract on the Sugar label. At eighteen she traveled to Berkeley, California where at the Fantasy Studio she worked on the songs for her debut album 'Pipes & Flowers'.

In September of 1997, her first album was released. It is from this date that the start her journey through her career in music began. Through the remainder of the 90's she recorded numerous albums and established herself as an artist to be reckoned with. [ see Elisa's website for a complete biography ]

In 2009 Elisa chooses to refrain from tours, performances and gigs to concentrate on the composing of her new album "Heart". But, she did not stay invisible. The tragic circumstanes of April 6th, the devastating earthquake in the Abruzzo region, brought her out of seclusion to perform twice for the benefit of those who suffered so tragically. In May 2009 the single ‘Domani 21/04.2009' is released. It is a song written by Mauro Pagani and dedicated to those suffering the personal losses due to the tragic earthquake that struck on the morning of April 6th in the Abruzzo Region of Central Italy.

'Amiche per l'Abruzzo' - Elisa was one of the headliners in a group of more than 100 Italian female singer/songwriters that gathered at the San Siro Soccer Stadium in Milan for a 7 hour concert 4 hours of which were broadcast world wide over internet radio stations and where all of Italy’s music radio stations joined in broadcasting, all of which was organized to raise funds for those in Abruzzo. More than 60,000 people joined the show and more than 1 million euros were raised.

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