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Flavia Barbacetto
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Flavia Barbacetto, singer, actress and dancer, was born in Frosinone, Italy in 1987 and is approaching a high level of art in just seven years, through the study of contemporary dance - using Martha Graham. Meanwhile cultivates her innate passion for singing and, at the age of fifteen, is in contact first with the world of musicals.

She received a scholarship for training in the musical "Young Stage" at the Max Ballet Academy in Florence, whereby she had the opportunity to study singing, acting, ballet, jazz dance and hip hop.

After a journey inside the Max Ballet Academy, lasting four years, she refined her skills in the musical with the biennial workshop "Arteinscena" Politeama of Prato, directed by Franco Simona Marchini and Poverty.

She had the opportunity to approach the method of singing under the guidance of Elisa Voicecraft Turl and continue her training in dance and in acting with Ranko Yokoyama, Amerigo Fontani, Marco Falsetti.

In July 2007 Flavia obtained a scholarship for participation in an intensive workshop of singing, dance and drama held in Todi in the 'Arts Festival, directed by Simona Marchini.

Flavia took part in the musical "The Front Row Is Reserved" and "Something About the Piece" (directed by Franco Miseria) at the conclusion of the annual course of study in the laboratory of Politeama Prato. In the spring of 2008 has the role of singer / actress in the show "Young Icarus 2008" (directed by Matthew Close) held in theaters in 13 Italian cities, including the Teatro Nuovo of Turin and the Teatro del Giglio di Lucca.

The desire to experiment, to approach different genres and her passion for the harmonization of many voices singing the lead role in contract with the "Swing Blue", Journal of the cover band "Blue Dolls", known trio dedicated to the revival of key swing of Italian pop songs and more. She was a member, as a singer/actress/dancer with the theater company "The Butterfly", which carries, among other initiatives, regional projects for health education at institutions of secondary school higher. She dedicated herself to singing pop-rock group with the emerging "Kerr" and collaborated with other groups in the music scene in the province of Florence, with whom she has performed in places such as the "KellerPlatz in Prato, the 'Alchemist' Empoli, and "Makia" of Lucca.

In 2009 she joined the roster of artists produced by Blueshow, the company that makes the trio Blue Dolls.

"There are so many melodies that wander in the air that I must be careful not to tread" - Johannes Brahms

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