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Gala Rizzatto
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Gala Rizzatto was born September 6, 1975 in Milan, Italy. Her name was inspired by Salvador Dali's wife's name, and at the same time by the famous Russian dancer Gala Ulanova. She has studied Flamenco in Madrid at the "Amor de Dios" dance school", she was assistant photographer at the Superstudio for a time, and she also studied at the Laban Center in London. Finally, she arrived in New York, where she currently lives.

In 1996, when Gala Rizzatto hit the top charts all over Europe with her diamond-selling dance single, "Freed from Desire." And then she moved to Brooklyn and all but disappeared. It happens sometimes. But, the good news is that she emerged this year with an edgy new style that reminds you of several strong women from '80s like pop rocks — Pat Benatar, Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons), and Martha Davis (The Motels), just to name a few.

Singer song-writer Gala has finally returned, this time stronger, tougher, and on her own terms. Referred to by her fans as a “cult dance artist” for her minimalist look and haunting voice, Gala suddenly disappeared at the top of her success leaving behind an air of mystery. Her European dance megahit (“Freed From Desire”) became an international pop classic, selling six million copies worldwide and earning her a gold record in the U.K. and platinum and diamond singles throughout her home continent.

Tough Love, the name of her new, edgy and explosive collection that taps at last into her true spirit as an artist. Having found herself locked into a deal with a record company in Europe that left her no control over her music, Gala decided to break free from her constraints and return to the excitement and freedom of pursuing music that she believed in.

Perfectly reflecting the rebellious attitude she’s had since the beginning of her career, she immediately formed her own label, Matriarchy Records, in Brooklyn and set out to redefine her sound. Gala met producer Marcus Bell and electro-punk drummer Deantoni Parks (Kudu), who formed the backbone of her new project.

Recording in studios throughout New York, Gala collaborated with producers and musicians from many different backgrounds pursuing a basement “electro-pop-punk” aesthetic. As a result “TOUGH LOVE” is Gala’s strongest and most eclectic work to date.

“They call me crazy and they say I'm unpredictable - I won't play it safe, I'm not that irresponsible. I trust that voice that says: everything's possible - people who don't dream are F*****g dangerous” – Gala from “Tough Love"

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