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Simona Molinari
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Simona Molinari was born on 23 February 1983 in Naples, Italy and is an Italian pop music singer. She performed at San Remo 2009 with her song Egocentrica. Shortly after, she released the album of the same name.

She was born in Naples, but has always lived in L'Aquila. Since small Simona had a passion for old American musicals and began to study singing at the age of eight years. At sixteen she began to specialize in pop and jazz , studying first in Naples and Rome. She specialized in jazz improvisation, singing and vocal modern black America. Then port to classical music, earning her studies at the Conservatory of L'Aquila.

In 2005 she won the award for best singer in the show Prix on April 25. Enlarge her experiences in the theater, boasting collaborations with many important Italian artists such as Michele Placido, Edoardo Siravo and Catherine Vertova. Giò Along with Tuna, debuted as the protagonist in the musical Jekyll and Hyde turning the entire peninsula in the most prestigious Italian opera houses. Her fame grew, and indeed in the summer of 2008, she was invited to Canada for a tour with her band - Toronto, Montreal and in other locations in Canada. After winning the contest Sanremolab - Sanremo Song Academy, chaired by the music critic Massimo Cotto, Simona was chosen by Gianmarco Mazzi and Paul Bonolis, and arrived at the 59th edition of the Sanremo Festival in the "2009 Proposals", "The song is egocentrism description of a woman - said Simon - an artist, a person who turns on the stage of life although, to spotlight off, delicate and confidential. "

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