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Anne Marie van Dijk, the diamond-eyed Dutch model, was born April 16 1986 in the Netherlands. She's scored major face time with Marc Jacobs, Perry Ellis, and BCBG at this past falls NY Fashion Week and after holding her own in Bryant Park, the 19-year-old brought her wispy blonde hair and glass-cutting cheekbones to Paris, where she earned some more designer stripes by walking for Chanel and Christian Dior.

With piercing green eyes and a heart-shaped pout, Anne Marie is more than a runway stomper she's a true beauty. Maybe that's why she's Louis Vuittons new It girl, modeling their jewelry in spring's print ads, in addition to scoring a Dolce & Gabbana spread and landing the gig as the new face of Alberta Ferretti, starring in their latest campaign.

She has upcoming editorial spreads in Allure, Harpers Bazaar, and Vogues British, French, German, and Italian issues.

As one of the founders of Pure Vida along with Lonneke Engel, Anne-Marie Van Dijk, sought to raise awareness about eco-friendliness within the fashion industry. Pure Vida was created by three people: Lonneke, Eyal Amir, and Anne. They are all very interested in nutrition, a healthy environment, ecology and while they always had their separate projects, they share the same passions. Then one day they said, ‘let’s have an organic Christmas party’ and they sat down and everything just started coming together. Pura Vida is going to have a series of events planned and every event is going to focus on a different initiative. This first about water - how to use reusable bottles, how to purify water and how it is good for your body and for the environment. The next one will be during fashion week, it is going to be focused more on models and nutrition, a subject that is very close to them. When the time is right they are going to have events and Christmas seemed perfect, people want to want to get inspired for the new year.

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