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Anouk Stotijn-Teeuwe, born April 8th, 1975 in The Hague, Netherlands, is a Dutch singer, professionally known as Anouk.

Anouk's interest in music began because her mother was a blues singer. Anouk initially sang at weddings and parties with the band Shotgun Wedding, prior to meeting Barry Hay from the Golden Earring, a friend of her ex-husband Edwin Jansen. Hay believed Anouk to have talent, and offered to write some songs for her, one of which was Mood Indigo; written in collaboration with George Kooymans also from the Golden Earring.

After she met Bart van Veen, her co-writer, the pair wrote a few songs. On September 5th, 1997, she released her second single, Nobody's Wife, which remained at the top of the Dutch music charts for a number of weeks. Her debut album, Together Alone also turned out to be a huge success. In 1998, Anouk won two awards from Dutch music channel TMF (The Music Factory) in addition to an Edison award. During the summer, she played at various festivals.

Her second album, Urban Solitude, was released in November 1999, and included the single R U Kiddin' Me. This song reached the Dutch Top 100. Shortly afterwards, Anouk went to the United States to pursue a record deal. Negotiations with her American label (Sony) ended badly, causing her to return to the Netherlands without a deal. She released a new song, Don't, and began touring the Netherlands in February 2001.

In March 2001, she released another album, Lost Tracks, which contained acoustic versions and B-sides from older songs, and various duets with K's Choice singer Sarah Bettens and The Anonymous Mis. She was awarded the Popprijs award in 2001.

In November 2002, the album Graduated Fool was released. This is the heaviest rock album in Anouk's career so far. Anouk received a Golden Harp in 2003. The following full length release is called Hotel New York (2004) and yielded a total of four singles: Girl, Lost, Jerusalem and One Word.

Anouk moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, in December 2005 to escape the pressures of fame. Before she left, she gave two concerts in Antwerp, Belgium, and four concerts at Ahoy' in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Anouk at Dauwpop in 2006

On April 8th, her birthday, she performed for the first time in 2006 for a select audience at the Melkweg, a concert venue in Amsterdam. On Friday, the 18th of August, Anouk performed at the Lowlands festival, the show started with the Sacrifice. Later that evening, she did an additional acoustic gig for three songs.

Settling in Amsterdam, Anouk released her new album; Who's Your Momma which she recorded with producer Glen Ballard of Alanis Morissette fame. It was released on November 23rd, 2007 and drew comparisons with Amy Winehouse. Anouk fired her band after some problems and recruited a new one of young musicians who also release their own material. The first single, Good God was a success in the Benelux. The director Jonas Ã…kerlund shot the music video for this single. The blogger Perez Hilton put the song on his site because he loves the song.

The second single I don't wanna hurt has been released, but Anouk decided not to make a music video because the concerts take too much energy and time. I don't wanna hurt was a big hit in the charts, even bigger than Good God was.

In March the music video director Melina shot the video for the third single "Modern World" released in April. This music video was also endorsed by blogger Perez Hilton.

The single "Good God" is featured as a playable song in the video game Guitar Hero World Tour, which was released on multiple consoles towards the end of 2008.

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