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Floor Jansen
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A high school musical made Floor Jansen aware that she could sing and that she loved being on stage. Ever since that moment back in 1995 she knew music would become her passion in life. In 1997 she joined a melodic metal band named After Forever. The band became more successful then she ever could have dreamed of and music became more then a hobby. She acquired most of her experience as a performer, songwriter and singer working with this band. Next to that she studied music and has been a guest vocalist on several albums and live shows.

In 1999 she started studying at the Rock Academy which is like a conservatory for rock and pop music. While studying she learned more about the music industry, singing, performing and teaching. During the third year she started taking vocal lessons at the conservatory. Her goal was to learn how to sing in various music and vocal styles; not rock & pop alone but also classical and any other style for that matter.

In the meantime After Forever became a bigger and better known band. In 2000 they released the first album ‘Prison of Desire’. At that time nobody had ever heard of the band yet but that soon changed after this release. The second album ‘Decipher’ made the band grow even more. This album was released in 2001 and After Forever started to become a well-known band on many stages and festivals, nationally as well as internationally.

In 2003 the mini album ‘Exordium’ was released, soon followed by the third full length album ‘Invisible Circles’ in 2004. In the same year Floor also graduated on the Rock Academy and continued studying part-time at the conservatory in Tilburg on music theatre and opera.

She also started to teach more: individual lessons, courses and workshops for singing, performing and lyric- and songwriting.

In 2005 the album ‘Remagine’ came out. After this release After Forever signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast and the Dutch team ‘The Entertainment Group’. With this brand new team they released their self-titled album ‘After Forever’ in 2007.

In 2008, After Forever takes a ‘sabbatical’ due to the severe burn-out of guitarist/songwriter Sander Gommans and in 2009 the band split.

Floor is a soprano and has a 4 octaves reach when she sings. Floor got to know many vocal techniques during her studies but she recently got in touch with the ‘Complete Vocal Training’ from the Danish Catherine Sadolin. This method really appealed to her and she is now using this to enrich her lessons. Floor wrote all lyrics for After Forever, but only a few on the first two records. But next to lyric writing she also made all the vocal melodies (also for the choirs and the grunt parts) She also writes her own music and got much better in composing during the writing process of the first album for the project Sinh. She gets to continue ‘practicing’ while writing music for her new metal band! Also, she is a true Dutch girl being 1.81 meters tall.

Floor plays flute and she can also play piano and guitar and knows where to put her fingers on a bass guitar.

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