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Simone Simons
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Simone Simons was born on the 17th of January 1985 in Hoensbroek, Netherlands and is a Dutch Mezzo-soprano singer who is the lead vocalist of symphonic metal band Epica.

When Simone was young she always enjoyed music very much. She started playing the flute for 2 years. After that she joined the school musical and wanted more.

At the age of 14 she had one year of pop singing lessons and after that she switched to classical singing.

In 2002 she joined Epica. Until now they have released 4 albums and travelled around the globe.

Simone has also participated in many other bands such as Kamelot, Ayreon, Primal Fear, Aina and the Equilibrio Musical.

Besides Epica she is currently working on a jazz project with Oliver Palotai and will be featured on the debut album of Sons of Seasons.

Epica is now working on their 5th album and is about to go on tour again.

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