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Amarante is a municipality in Porto District, in northern Portugal. It has a population of 61,029 and a total area of 301.5 km². It contains the city of Amarante. The municipality is well known by the S. Gonçalo's Monastery and by its centenary bridge.

Amar is the Portuguese verb to love, and it is perhaps fitting that it should be the first part of the name of this attractive town. A settlement since the 4th century BC, Amarante is situated in the rich agricultural lands of the Minho region, the northern section of the country which is responsible for the grapes of the vinho verde, the young semi-sparkling ‘green’ wine unique to Portugal. The river Tâmega runs through the town and crossing this waterway is a striking arched bridge, the Ponte São Gonçalo. It is reputed to have helped local heroes fend off a French attack in the early 19th century. Nowadays cafes and restaurants make the most of their riverside location.

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