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Carla Matadinho
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Carla Matadinho was born December 16, 1982 in Évora, Portugal. Matadinho is one of the most famous of Portuguese models. She got her start at 15 with Miss Sporting, then was crowned Miss Concelhos de Portugal and Miss Alentejo at age 16. At age 19, she became the first Miss Playboy from Portugal.

She has also finished the Miss Portugal and Miss Figueira da Foz courses. Carla has worked in many publicity campaigns from Levi's to Triumph, from Fátima Lopes passerelle to the cover of Maxmen Magazine in Portugal. Carla is also an actress who has appeared in films and on television. She is also persuing a degree in Sociology and Psychology.

Carla has brown eyes, blond hair and is 1.75m (5' 9") tall.

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