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Liliana Campos
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Liliana Campos was born in 1971 April 27th, in Sá da Bandeira, Angola and came to Portugal in 1974.

When she was 14 years old she went to Paris on her cousine's graduation trip and not only did she fall in love with the city but also developed a taste for travelling.

In Almada she atended an high school where she also studied Sara Tavares and Da Weasel. Some years later she took a degree in International Relations in Lusiada University in Lisbon.

When she was in college, Liliana was invited to be part of the audience, in a new TV reality show called Juiz Decide. In that day after the show the production invited her to do a TV test and to be a presenter on the show’s second season. That was in 1993 and that’s how she started her career as a presenter on SIC Network. Since then she has been working on a very diversified range of shows, such as: Mundo VIP, SIC no País do Natal, Campeões Nacionais,, Flash, Animais de Quatro Patas, Parada de Natal and more recently Êxtase. At the present she works in a weekly aired show called Fama Show, every Sunday afternoon.

On SIC Mulher, Liliana also had a show in 2004, Corte I Custura and later New Look. Now she's presenting Fashion Adviser.

Liliana worked also on SIC, among many other events, the Portuguese Golden Globe Awards, some editions of the Carnival, several events sponsored by Lisbon City Hall and the SIC Network Parade in Avenida da Liberdade.

In a different context, she has also participated in many promotional and advertising campaigns and has been a hostess in many events sponsored by renowned brands, such as Omega International, Sagres, Yoplait, Honda, Pantene, LG, Braun, Galp, SAG Automóveis, Chrysler, BNP, Clínicas Persona, Vip Jewels, Luís Onofre, Gant, Philosophie, EDP, Banif, TAP, Star Alliance, Amoreiras Shopping Center and Odivelas Parque, among others. She drives a Porsche Cayenne.

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