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Lúciana Abreu
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Luciana Abreu Sodré Costa Real was born May 25, 1985, at Massarelos, Porto, Portugal. She is a Portuguese singer, actress and Television host. Abreu is known for her participation in Idolos, for representing Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 as part of the pop-duo 2B, for her personage in Floribella, Flor Valente, and for her TV Show.

She was first noticed at the age of 14, for her participation in the show "Cantigas da Rua", which she won. During 2002 she took a part in the play O Casamento, by the Seiva Trupe theatre company, as both actress and singer. Later, in 2003, she starred the musical play Cabaret Carioca by Carlos Leça, inspired by Chico Buarque's music, in which she took the role of Beatriz.

In 2004 Luciana auditioned for the second season of Idolos (the Portuguese version of Pop Idol (British original version)). She was a member of the first group of semifinalists. She sang a rendition of Christina Aguilera's "The Voice Within" which garnered her a top 10 position.

After representing Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest Luciana auditioned for a role in Floribella. She ended-up being selected for the lead role in the show, Flor Valente. The shows tells the story of Cinderella in the century XXI, a poor girl who falls in love with a rich guy, but has her (unknown) bad sister stopping her from being happy. It was one of the most succeful tv shows in 2006 so in 2007 debuted the second season although it never reached the same success. Just the OST reached number one in Portuguese charts. With the success of Floribella, Luciana became very popular in Portugal.

Luciana became the cover of magazine "CARAS" of Portugal in January, 2007. Soon afterwards Abreu started as hostess of the show "Lucy", by SIC. This is a show for kids, where Luciana sings and dance. Luciana appeared as a cover in a Portuguese version of men's magazine FHM (February 2008 issue). Dança comigo is the Portuguese version of Dancing With The Stars, which Luciana won when she entered its third season. Abreu was the favourite to represent Portugal once again in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia this time however as a solo singer with a song which she wrote. She however in the end came third in the final, winning the televoting though and gaining only 4 points from the juries. Luciana is currently playing a manicurist, in the soap opera "Perfeito Coração" (Perfect Heart). It is broadcast on SIC.

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