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Merche Romero
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Merche Romero Gomes was born November 27, 1976 - she is a Portuguese model and TV Presenter.

She is of Spanish and Portuguese descent, was born in Andorra and currently lives and works in Portugal. She gained notoriety for being the girlfriend of former Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, 9 years younger than her.

Merche was linked to Cristiano Ronaldo. Although various photos were published of Cristiano Ronaldo and Merche Romero together on holiday and at various events, Cristiano refused to speak of his girlfriend. But Cristiano never explicitly confirmed nor denied the relationship. On September 20, 2006, Merche announced the end of their relationship, while being interviewed for the Portuguese television show Só Visto!: "Cristiano and myself are no longer together."

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