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Mia Rose
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Mia Rose is the stage name of Maria Antónia Sampaio Rosa - an Portuguese/British singer-songwriter noted for her popularity on the video sharing website YouTube.. She was born 26 January 1987 in Wimbledon Village, London.

Mia opened her YouTube account on 29 December 2006 during her Christmas break from university. She posted daily videos singing various cover songs and within a month set a record number of subscriptions for a musician. As of December 2009, she has more than 222,000 YouTube subscribers. In 2008, following her success on YouTube, she appeared at Google Zeitgeist and was a speaker at the SIME Conference in Sweden. In May 2009, she wrote, recorded and marketed the song “Let Go”, selling it on iTunes in Portugal, where it became the best selling download, and got to number 2 in the Portuguese charts.

She and Jordanian musician Hanna Gargour performed the song "Waiting on the World to Change”. Queen Rania of Jordan noted this song was an example of how art can promote a reduction of the international cultural divide.

Her second self-released single, the double A side "What Would Christmas Be Like?"/"Fallin’ For You" was released on 2 December 2009. "What Would Christmas Be Like?" was written by Rose while "Fallin' For You" is a Colbie Caillat song.

Currently she is the No. 1 All Time Most Subscribed Musician in the UK, and she also has the No. 2 UK All Time Most Subscribed channel. Her own videos have been watched over 92 million times on YouTube. She was featured in Rolling Stone, The Sun, The Age, and on a BBC Radio 5 Live interview.

In January 2007, Ryan Leslie signed Rose to NextSelection/Universal. A month later she was signed by Tommy Mottola to the Mottola Company for management. While in the US she worked with producers and writers such as Kara DioGuardi. She recorded two singles, "Hold Me Now" and "Hot Boy" for Next Selection but neither track received an official release. With the music industry struggled to cope with the digital revolution, Rose left NextSelection and Mottola and returned to Europe. She is currently represented by management agency Citizensound and is also contracted to the celebrity division of the Models 1 agency.

Alexa Baracaia of the Evening Standard reported on 30 January 2007, that her YouTube page was attracting over 3 million viewers a month, but that there were allegations of "fake comments" being posted to inflate her appeal. In March 2008, Forbes announced her being among the nominees for the 2008 YouTube Video Awards. Rolling Stone's Elizabeth Goodman noted she was "disturbingly well-packaged" and noted another YouTube member's video which identified numerous dummy accounts that may have artificially inflated Rose's YouTube ratings.

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