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Tereza Salgueiro
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Teresa Salgueiro was born in Amadora, Portugal on 8 January 1969 and is a Portuguese singer. She was best known as the lead singer of Madredeus from 1987 until 2007.

As a young girl, Teresa Salgueiro sang the traditional Portuguese music Fado and Brazilian bossa nova in the streets and taverns of Lisbon. She moved to old Lisbon to live with friends at the age of 16 and continued her singing.

Salgueiro met guitarist and producer Pedro Ayres Magalhães in 1987 and formed Madredeus together with Francisco Ribeiro on cello, Gabriel Gomes on accordion and Rodrigo Leão on keyboards. The band has been together since 1987, recording 11 albums released through record companies such as Blue Note Records, Nettwerk and EMI Records, all subsidiaries of EMI. Madredeus has also played throughout the world.

Teresa Salgueiro played a prominent part in the 1994 Wim Wenders' Lisbon Story (Viagem a Lisboa) together with Magalhães. Salgueiro and Magalhães recorded the soundtrack with Madredeus, released as Ainda in 1994.

Salgueiro has sung on albums by Carlos Nuñez and António Chainho released in 2000. In November 2005 Teresa Salgueiro edited her first CD (Obrigado), with the participation of other musicians such as Caetano Veloso, Carlos Núñez, José Carreras and Angelo Branduardi. She is currently one of Portugal's most acclaimed singers. In 2009 she changed the spelling of her artistical name to Tereza Salgueiro (now with a z) and edited her album Matriz (Matrix).

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