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Vanessa Oliveira
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Vanessa Oliveira was born May 26, 1981 in Lisbon. She is a Portuguese TV Presenter and model. She studied Social Communication at the IMT in Lisbon. She signed with Elite Portugal and was on the cover of magazines such as Active and Xis. She participated in the Moda Lisboa and Portugal Fashion. In August 2004, she debuted as host of the daily Quinta das Celebridades and later of the 1st Company. She also made the program ecstasy SIC. In May 2007, became part of the team Família Superstar. At present, she appears together with Liliana Campos, Rita Andrade, Cláudia Borges and Orsi Fehér, the program Fama Show SIC and the new program of summer days of SCI, Sic live, along with several presenters, such as Strada and Raquel Nuno Eiró known channel SIC.

At 25, Vanessa Oliveira reveals: "I like myself and I think that makes me more beautiful and sexy to other people"

"I am not a fervent supporter of sport, but I discovered that I love snowboarding, so I will start practicing more often..."

"I love being on the beach to read and just breathe the sea! For me music always has to exist at any time of day and anywhere. I love living every second of my life!"

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