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Gelendzhik (Russian: Геленджи́к) is a resort town in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, situated at Gelendzhik Bay on the Black Sea, between Novorossiysk which is 31 kilometers to the northwest and Tuapse which is 93 kilometers to the southeast.

In antiquity, Gelendzhik Bay was the site of a minor Greek outpost referred to as Torikos in the Periplus of Pseudo-Scylax. It is unknown in Hellenistic sources, but reappears in the Roman under the name of Pagrae in 64 BC. The colony was wiped out by the invading Huns, which were succeeded by the Zygii soon afterwards. During the Middle Ages, the bay was of some commercial importance to the Genoese traders who referred to the seaside village as Maurolaca.

Before Russia secured the coast by the Treaty of Adrianople in 1829, a brisk slave trade had been carried on between the mountaineers and the Ottoman Empire. Since Circassian beauties were usually traded for gold and other commodities before being taken to Turkish seraglios, the market place became known as Gelendzhik literally meaning little meadow in the Adyghe language. In 1831, one of the first forts of the Black Sea Coastal Line was set up at Gelendzhik. At the outbreak of the Crimean War this fort had to be blown up and abandoned, but it was resettled by the Cossacks in 1864, at the conclusion of the Russian-Circassian War and became known as Stanitsa Gelendzhiksaya. The town of Gelendzhik was incorporated in 1915. During the Soviet period, Gelendzhik was developed as a spa due to the nice sand beaches, the three waterparks, two aerial tramway lines and two Orthodox churches. The area around Gelendzhik is noted for a chain of waterfalls, an outcrop of dolmens, two extremely ancient pine and juniper groves, and the Sail Rock which is located 17 kilometers or 11 miles from the city center. The coastal village of Arkhipo-Osipovka, administrated from Gelendzhik, contains the terminus of the Blue Stream gas pipeline and an annual hydroaviasalon is held in Gelendzhik every year since 1996.

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