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Irina Krug
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Irina KrugIrina KrugIrina KrugIrina KrugIrina Krug

Irina Krug (Russian: Ирина Круг) was born on March, 29th 1976 in Chelyabinsk, Russia and is the young widow of Mikhail Krug and one of the youngest rising stars in the world of Russian Chanson music. Chanson, pronounced "shahn‐son" is the French word for a song, also applied specifically to the kind of love song composed by the Provençal troubadours of the late Middle Ages. This usually has five or six matching stanzas and a concluding envoi (or half‐stanza), and its subject is courtly love. The metres and rhyme schemes vary greatly, as the form was seen as a test of technical skills.

Born to a military family in Chelyabinsk, Irina dreamed of becoming an actress and so she studied singing and acting at the local cultural center there. She met Mikhail Krug about the same time that she graduated from high school and married him about a year later. On the night of June 30 Mikhail Krug was killed by unknown assailants in his home. She produced her lastest album in memory of her late husband with the participation of many more famous singers in the world of Russian Chanson music. Mikhail also left behind a young son, Alexander, who still lives with Irina.

Since childhood she worked in the theater circle of local cultural centers and dreamed of becoming an actress. In 1999 she met the famous performer of Russian chanson Mikhail Krug . Almost immediately, he asked her to work for him, after which she became a costume designer at the Circle. Before marriage with round she previously was married, had a daughter. In 2001 , Michael and Irene were married. On the night of June 30 to July 1 , Mikhail Krug was killed by unknown assailants in his home. After the death songwriter Vladimir Bocharov, suggested Irina write a number of songs to his memory, with the result that in 2004 the first album "First Fall of Separation"was released with a duet with close friend of Michael Krug named Leonid Telesheva. In 2005 Irina was awarded the "Discovery of the Year". A year later, in March 2006 a second album was released, "You, My Last Love" in the verse and music of Michael Krug the produced by Vadim Tsyganov.

Immediately after the death of Michael his friends and loved ones created a fund for the installation of the monument to the poet-songwriter, led by the elder sister of the late Olga Medvedev. For a long time there was protest against the monument by some of the intellectuals of the city of Tver. However on June 24 2007 during the celebration of the city of Tver, the monument was unveiled on the boulevard in the city center. The monument was cast in bronze with Michael sitting on a bench, leaning on his guitar. The monument was made in such a way that on the bench next to the statue, people can sit and take pictures. The monument has been repeatedly victimized by acts of vandalism like in November 2007 when someone stole the guitar and in January 2008 unidentified vandals painted it. Subsequently, the missing guitar was restored due to the efforts of Moscow sculptor Andrei Smirnov. The sister of Mikhail Krug, Olga Medvedev, said that it was the work of a local gang who decided to mock the monument. The house where Krug lived and his tomb became a place of pilgrimage for fans. Every year in late June, a festival is held in memory of Mikhail Krug.

In 2006, Irina was remarried to a businessman named Sergei Belousov. She has released seven albums and toured actively. Her repertoire includes duet songs with friends of Mikhail Krug such as Vladimir Bocharov, Leonid Telesheva, crooner Viktor Korolev and the youngest performer Alex Bryantsev. Irina was a participant in the annual national Chanson Year in the Kremlin on March 26 2011.

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