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Anita Tsoy
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Anita TsoyAnita TsoyAnita TsoyAnita TsoyAnita Tsoy

Anita Tsoy (Russian: Анита Цой) is the stage name of a singer born as Anna Sergeyevna Kim on February 7th in 1971 in Moscow. Her mother, Eloyza Yun, a Moscow State University graduate and a doctor of Chemistry, named her daughter in honor of a French revolutionist Annette Riviere. It took very little time for her to discover that Anita had talent and a keen interest in music, so Eloyza signed up her young daughter for violin lessons at a music school. Soon Anita was transferred to a central music school of Moscow due to strong recommendations given by her masters at the former school. While studying in the new school, Anita was taught in a radically strict atmosphere and was forced to give up music until her seventh year of secondary school because her hand was broken by a teacher. But Anita’s love of music was so entrenched that nothing could have stopped her. Later Anita would go on to receive numerous university degrees and got married when she was only 19 when she gave birth to a child she named Sergey.

She graduated from the preschool department of a Moscow Pedagogic University, as well as studied psychology and jurisprudence at Moscow State Evening Pedagogic University and at Moscow State University, respectively. Anita graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts where she studied vocal arts and also was tutored by the famous vocal artist Nina Dorliak in opera.

Anita first performed in 1986. From 1990 until 1993 Anita performed in the “Поющие ангелы” (English: Singing Angels) Presbyterian chorus. Four years later, in 1997, Anita’s debut album, named “Полет” (English: Flight), was released which made Anita Tsoy the Ovation Awards “Discovery of the Year”. A second album called "Черный лебедь"(English: The Black Swan) was released in 1998 and a year later Anita presented a solo-concert entitled "Черный лебедь или храм любви" (English: The Black Swan or the Temple of Love). This show was voted as the Best Show of the Year and Anita won her second Ovation awards statue despite only two years experience as a solo artist.

For one and a half years, Anita had been working on her English-language solo album called “I’ll Remember You” which was recorded and officially released in the United States. Also worked on a classical music album which contained symphonies and singles from old musicals in cooperation with Grammy and Emmy winning Lee Holdridge and Jimmy Hecksole. During her visit in America, she was offered a solo artist position at Cirque du Soleil which she decided to turn it down.

In 2003 Anita Tsoy recorded her third album which was named "1,000,000 минут" (English: 1,000,000 Minutes), which was officially debuted in the Elevator Dance Club. After almost six years in show-business, Anita had decided to change her musical style, appearance and public relations strategy completely. The album is a compilation of songs composed in a dance style, completely different from Anita’s previous ballad pop-rock music tradition.

Two years later one of Tsoy’s most successful concert shows was held and called the ANITA Show which played a significant role in her future work and reputation in the music industry. After the show, Universal Music approached Tsoy and she signed a contract with them. A DVD recording of the show was also released under Universal Music and the show was broadcast on Russia’s leading television channels. Soon, the ANITA Show show was nominated in three categories at the same time by the Showtex Awards in 2006 for “Best Show Technologies”, “Best Production Designer” and “The Best Choreographer”. In these years Anita had finally officially become “A Meritorious Artist of the Russian Federation”.

In 2007 Anita presented her fourth album called "На восток" (English: To the East). Tsoy, again re-invents herself and switches to the “manga-anime” style. During the same year she performs the "На восток" (English: To the East) show. More than ten thousand spectators enjoyed the show, almost twice more than during the previous, the ANITA Show. Due to successful box office and positive critical reception, the concert was recorded on DVD by Universal Music and later broadcast on Channel One, Muz-TV and other influential Russian channels.

In 2009-2010 Anita Tsoy publicly announced her return to pop-rock and gave a concert in April, 2010, named THE BEST in which she performed her oldest and most successful songs as well as the new ones written in a ballad pop-rock style. In 2010 Anita also made her debut in opera singing. She became acquainted with the opera diva, Ljuba Kazarnovskaya during the casting for the Beauty and the Beast musical and both performers decided to perform together in the future. In June, 2010, Tsoy and Kazarnovskaya presented an opera show "Сны о Востоке" (English: Oriental Dreams). Staged and directed by Anita herself, the show was a complete success.

Anita Tsoy has big plans in the future. She performed one of the leading roles in a Michael Strogoff French musical in 2011. A release of a new pop-rock album is also scheduled. Tsoy is also very famous for participating in famous Russian television projects such as "Цирк со звездами" (English: Circus with Celebrities) on Channel One, "Алло, гараж!" (English: Allo, Garage!). Apart from singing, Anita Tsoy has contributed much to charity. She started her own charity organization named “Anita Foundation” in 1998 which main goal is to help and support poor, disabled, highly gifted children, as well as the young victims of military actions. The “Anita Foundation” has serviced more than 35,000 children, but not only that, she become the founder of the charity award “Сердце” (English: The Heart) which is given to Russia’s most active charity contributors. In 2007 Anita Tsoy and Universal Music kicked off a new charity campaign, named "Шоу-бизнес с совестью" (English: Fair Show Business) with all the revenues from the “To the East” album being donated to support orphan asylums. A large charity program was organized in 2009. Anita went on a concert tour around Russian cities which experienced terrorist attacks and coal mines’ collapses. Tsoy decided that all the profits from the concert should be donated to families which suffered from these actions. This campaign, named "Помнить, чтобы жизнь продолжалась", (English: To Remember For Life to Continue) ended with a final concert in Moscow to which influential personalities of Russia had been invited to. The box office netted €160,000 and all this money was given to the families which suffered from the Beslan School Bombing Tragedy in 2004.

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