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Sati Kazanova
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Sati KazanovaSati KazanovaSati KazanovaSati KazanovaSati Kazanova

Sataney Kazanova (Russian: Сатаней Казанова), better known as Sati Kazanova (Russian: Сати Казанова), was born on October 2nd, 1982 in Kabardino-Balkaria Republic (Russian: Кабарди́но-Балка́рская Респу́блика) - a federal subject of Russia located in the North Caucasus. She is one of the three vocalists of the Russian pop girl group Fabrika (Russian: Фабрика). In 2002, she took part in the first season of the Russian talent show Star Factory as a member of Fabrika, where they finished second. She won the Astra (Russian: Астра) award for most stylish female singer in 2006. On 5 October 2009 she was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea by the President of the republic, Aslan Tkhakushinov.

She studied at the Russian Academy of Music and currently lives in Moscow. It was rumored in 2006 that she would be getting married sometime in the future because her sister wanted to get married and, according to her traditional family, the older sister should be married before the younger sister. But in a 2008 interview Sati said that the rumors were not true and that she is in no hurry to marry. Since Sati was born in Kabardino-Balkaria, her ethnicity is Adyge. She says she is Muslim, but she does not practice it in such a dedicated way and has never completed Hajj.

The Sati’s real name is Satenei. The name was given her in honor of the goddess of that name, who embodied wisdom and maternity. Sati’s parents were respected people and always supported their daughter in her desire to devote herself to music. Sati’s beautiful voice was a gift from her father who sang well. Kazanova was a brilliant student at school and to those who knew her was good company. The school of Art where Sati studied classical vocal became the reference point in her musical biography. Soon afterwards, Sati entered Gnesinka in Moscow and began singing at nightclubs in the city until, in 2002 Kazanova became a member of the famous band “Fabrika”.

In 2006, driven by another dream - to become an actress, Satie entered the theatrical institution GITIS, now called RATA, to become an actor. After 8 years in the group Fabrika, Sati decided to do a solo project, in collaboration with the same producer, Igor Matvienko. In 2010 she released her first solo single, "Seven-eighths" - a video was shot of the song and rotated on music channels on Russian television. At the same time, Satie performed in clubs in the capital with a group of "gigs" to present new songs. In 2011, Sati Casanova appeared before the public in a new unexpected way as a jazz singer. In collaboration with well-known musicians playing jazz, the project was created with her performing both solo songs and international hits.

Sati Kazanova smashes up her ex-boyfriend house The former soloist of the band “Fabrika” cruelly revenged her ex-boyfriend, accompanied by her friends, when she smashed up his house and even damaged his luxurious car. Actually, the artist did not do anythhing of the kind. The singer portrayed the image of an vengeful woman in a shoot for her new musical video. The video is of Sati’s first solo composition called “Sem vosmykh”, that appeared on musical television channels.

According to the scenario, Sati and her friends break into the apartments of the guilty ex-boyfriend and inflict reprisals. They spoil expensive clothes, break a plasma screen, let cats onto the leather sofa and mercilessly scratch his sport car. The ex-singer of Fabrika assures that the heroine of the video does everything in the clip because of her big love for the man, even though this way of displaying her love is a bit too strange.

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