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Sasha Gradiva
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Sasha GradivaSasha GradivaSasha GradivaSasha GradivaSasha GradivaSasha Gradiva

Sasha Antonova, known as Sasha Gradiva, was born on the 5th of February in 1983 in Moscow, Russia. She is a Russian Pop/R&B singer, model, choreographer, TV producer, video producer and performing artist. Her professional show business career began at the age of 18. She has made 2 albums and 11 videos. In 2007 she produced and starred in the reality show «Girl Power» on MTV Russia, this resulted in a concert at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow which proved to be a great success in the MTV national ratings. Sasha is currently building her international career and has just finished up her English album based on a mix of R&B and new wave styles that will appeal to a world audience.

Her father was a pilot and her mother was a flight attendant. During her teenage years she was a professional figure skater, although her other passions always included singing and dancing. Distinguished from her Russian contemporaries who were raised on Russian music, Sasha was exposed to world music through her parents' international travels and their love of the English language bands. Her early influences were Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and "Bad," as well George Michael's albums and the music of Madonna. At the age of 15, Sasha organized her first dance group which performed at many venues throughout Russia. The success of this group allowed Sasha to record her first songs. When Sasha was 19 she attracted the attention of music producer Yuri Aizenshpitz. At once they began to work on Sasha's first album and her first music video appeared on MTV Russia.

The reviews of her first work produced critical acclaim in the media. She was being touted as the "Russian Madonna". This was followed by a successful tour all over Russia. It was not long before her appearance on the covers of Maxim and numerous articles in Cosmopolitan and Vogue only increased her popularity. Her unique beauty was noticed by the famous Russian art photo studio Fresh Art. They included Sasha's photos as part of their exhibition. Sasha has also appeared in a Vogue special edition photo layout done by Bryan Adams. In spite of her tremendous success in the Russian music industry, Sasha feels as though she did have to compromise between Russian musical taste and her own creative fulfilment. Her album in English starts the new era of her musical passion that reflects her true feelings.

Her music is a blend of pop dance with strong infusions of electronica. Since the beginning of her professional career at the age of 16, she has gained recognition within the European music scene, becoming a major staple on MTV and in the Russian music industry. Making a transition to the US music scene Sasha sparked a mass media frenzy for sporting a “Terminator-esque” gun sleeved dress on the red carpet at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Having been dubbed the “Gun Girl” by media outlets such as Rolling Stone, US Weekly, InTouch Weekly, and the New York Times, she garnered the attention of the music industry’s top executives including world-renowned American producer Tricky Stewart. Soon after, she released her first US single Wanted, co-written with Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons and produced by Tricky Stewart and Norwegian producer Axident. Referred to as one of the most promising artists in the mainstream US music scene by Hot Spot Magazine and Gay Pride, she has gained major recognition within the club dance scene and has emerged as one of the top gay culture icons.

Sasha is a multi-talented performing artist who has received numerous music awards and nominations. Not only has she graced the pages of top magazines including Russian Cosmopolitan, Maxim and Vogue, she continues to shock the entertainment industry with her mysterious persona and avant-garde looks. Sasha has been said to have revolutionized pop culture and fashion in Russia as a result of her innovative sound in electronic music and celebrity status. Because of her musical and artistic persona seen on a myriad of television programs including MTV Russia and the World Fashion Channel, she has influenced a generation of young people who look up to her as a unique fashion icon, performer and artist.

Sasha recently collaborated with Justin Tranter, as well as hit maker Tricky Stewart, who produced Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”, to release her debut U.S single called Wanted. The song was released on February 25th, 2012, nearly one month after a media frenzy following her appearance at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Dubbed the “Gun Girl”, press coverage included Rolling Stone Magazine, US Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, among others. Calling all countries to submit their weapons for fashion and artistic expression, she made a bold two-fold statement about world peace and her arrival in the U.S dance-pop scene.

Sasha currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she is working on her second U.S single and debut U.S album. Releases for both were slated for early summer 2012 while a national tour is scheduled to begin in the early fall.

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