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Andrea Zimanyiova
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Andrea Zimanyiova was born in April 1983 in Bratislava. She was interested by singing, dancing and performing since she was a little child. At primary school she joined the local school choir, but her active singing did not start until the age of 15 in the private music school Andante, where the band Margot was created. In 1999 Andrea won a French Song contest in Slovakia. At that point she started to be interested in French songs. In 2000 she was also a laureate of the International French Song contest in Split- Croatia and in 2002 she won with Margot a prize in Villefranche de Rouergue in France. Andrea is still singing in Margot and has been for 9 years. They have two albums: "Bez Obalu“ (2006) and "Mat tak kridla" (2007) both recorded in Slovak radio studios.

She is also a solist with the Andante Orchestra where she sings a French reperatoire. She is wellknown as a multi-genre singer from Edith Piaf to AC/DC. Her favourite styles are pop, rock , french songs, soul, funk, jazz, and blues. Andrea has sung in many TV shows and programs including OTO 2001, Miroslav Dvorsky and friends and Let´s Dance with dancing celebrities where she collaborated with the Gustav Brom Big Band. Currently she is working on her debut CD. The first single is called "Dievcatko so Zapalkami“.

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