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Anka Repková
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Anka Repková completed her music and dramatic art studies at The Conservatory of Music in Bratislava. She has received awards in various competitions; among the most important the Slovak-wide "Detský Talent", ("The Child's Talent") in which she won in the Popular Song Category in 1998; "Francúzska pieseň" ("The French Song, 2001") in which she won the Category of 14- to-18-year-old Singers, and the Slovak Broadcasting's competition for the best interpretative singer "Neznámi", which she won in 2007.

She was still only a pupil when she started to act professionally in a play called "Liliom" (Lujza, directed by J. Nvota, Malá scéna The Slovak National Theatre, 1999) and in 2001 she took part in a TV fairy-tale called "Pani Zima" ("Mrs. Winter", directed by L. Šebová, STV corp. Atan film).

The year 2003 was the year of the beginning of her successful musical career. She performed for Nová Scéna ("The New Scene Theatre") in the musicals "Vlasy" (Hair: Crissy, directed by J. Gombár, 2003) and "Rebelové" (The Rebels: Julča, directed by F. Renč, 2004). On the other hand, her most important engagement has so far been the one for Divadlo Aréna "The Arena Theatre", where notable director Jozef Bednárik chose her for the leading role in the cult musical "Rocky Horror Show" (Janet, 2005). Except for that, Anka has given a lot of concerts, including performances with with pop-rock bands ProROCK and Zmena Mena and Big Band of Gustáv Brom (TV show Let's Dance and Bailando on TV Markíza).

She is now the soloist in Pavel Zajaček's Orchestra and gives concerts with her own band Anka Repková & Band. Since 2003 she has worked as a voice teacher as well (Private Slovak secondary grammar school in Bratislava 2006 - 2008, Art Beat private music school 2003 - 2006). In addition to all of that, she also hosts different types of programmes (company and social events, hosting for Radio G3). Toward the end of 2006 the musical publishing house Musica released her debut album "Áno, už to viem..." ("Yes, I Already Know It, 2006), on which she worked not only as a singer, but also the co-author of many of the songs. On the occasion of St Valentine's compilation CD Miluj... (Love.) (Musica, 2007), the title song from Anka's album was added to songs of such popular Czech and Slovak singers and bands as M. Gombitová, A. Langerová, K. Gott and Peha.

In 2008 Anka obtained her Bachelor's degree in Special Pedagogy at PdF UK in Bratislava, and now studies for her Master's degree in social anthropology at FSEV UK.

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