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Devín originally a separate town at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers, is now a borough of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It is an important archaeological site, famous for the ruins of Devín Castle. Devín lies near the Devín Gate, which was viewed as the western gateway to the Kingdom of Hungary. The name stems from the Slovak word deva, which signifies "girl".

Are you seeking a place where there is an ancient Slavic culture present more than anywhere else? A place that has always stood on the crossroads between east and west? A place where the castle rock is towering above two rivers? If Devín is on your mind you are at the right place.

Devín belongs to one of the most appealing places in western Slovakia. The position itself on two rivers the Danube and Morava is unique. The place is dominated by the castle rock, which has been permanently settled from the times of old Celts. On the north side there is a massive Devínska Kobyla with unique vegetation plain and also the richest flora of Slovakia. Steep sunny hills full of vineyards give Devin the colors of a vineyard town.

Devin is traditionally one of the favorite destinations for trips not only for the Bratislavians. Pleasant choice could include a walk on the promenade on the bank of the Danube towards Moravia River, under the castle rock with a towering castle. Its long history as a strategic point leads us to times of Celts, Romans, Great Moravia and ruling families Garay, Báthory, Pállfy. Its gradual end was speeded up by napoleon armies. During the Štúr era the castle became a symbol of famous Slovak past which is connected especially to the memorable trip to Devín of Štúr’s followers. After the Second World War an amphitheatre was built and the tradition of all Slavic days was settled. Devín castle – this beautiful country dominated is from 1961 a national cultural heritage. A tour through the castle is a unique experience you are awaited by beautiful castle yards, castle well, expositions right in the center of the rock. But also the outstanding views across a wide surrounding. Another interesting site in this place is Church of the holy Cross - of Virgin Mary from the 14th Century. In the village we will find a castle, a former Jesuit cloister, nowadays in private hands.

Devín invites you also to nature. Admire uniquely preserved river forests of Moravia on bike. Enjoy views into neighboring Austria from the highest point of Bratislava, Devínska Kobyla (514 m above sea), where you can get directly from the castle if you follow the red trail marked out. Play Indians in beautiful natural place made out of sand Sandberg. Devín offers you this and much more, explore it! - author: Branislav Chrenka

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