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Dominika Stará
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Dominika Stará was born August 13, 1993 in Dunajská Streda, Slovakia and is a Slovak pop singer and bronze medallist in the first season of the Czecho Slovakian Superstar (Česko Slovenská Superstar) – a widely watched Pop Idol series based talent search competition hosted jointly by the two states’ commercial television stations Markíza (Slovakia ) and TV Nova (Czech Republic) from September to December 2009. The show, broadcasted live from Bratislava on Saturday and Sunday nights, was won by Martin Chodúr (Czech Republic) shortly before Christmas. Although Stará did not win the talent contest which was not split into categories according to gender, both the media and musical critics in either state did not fail to point to the fact that she emerged as the show’s most successful female singer.

Stará grew up in the Western Slovakian town of Šamorín, near Bratislava. She has two younger brothers. Her mother Adriana, is a private entrepreneur and runs a beauty parlour and her father Ján is employed as an IT specialist. She owes her talent for singing to her parents, both of whom come from musically inclined families and lead church choirs in Šamorín. Prior to her debut in the Czecho Slovakian Superstar, Stará had taken part in a number of talent contests for young aspiring singers in Slovakia. She started to sing when she was 3 years old. Like many other young singers, she also feels drawn to theatre drama and acting. After graduating from the high school she currently attends in her home town of Šamorín, Stará wants to study media communication and international relations, and is determined to remain faithful to music and singing.

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