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Jana Kirschner
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Jana Kirschner was born December 29, 1978 in Martin, Slovakia about 300 km from Bratislava. It was here, aged just seven, that she took top place in a singing competition, setting her off down a creative path that – with the odd detour to take in a beauty pageant and contemporary dance – finally led to a record deal and a successful first single. She first attracted public attention as a participant in the beauty pageant Miss Slovakia 1996. In 1996 she made her first album - Jana Kirschner. She won the prize for Discovery of the Year in 1997, Album of the Year in 1999, and Female Singer of the Year in 1999. In 1999 she also won the prestigious Zlatý slávik (Golden Nightingale) award. In 2007 she released her fifth studio album titled Shine.

Up to this point, the success of her four Universal albums had been mainly confined to Slovakia and the Czech Republic; she was singing (for the most part) in her mother tongue and playing to an audience who knew her, loved her and generally had the T-shirt.

But what about the ‘bigger pond’? If Jana was to make a splash outside of navigated waters, and it was very much in her sights, then the comfort zone would have to be left behind and a whole new set of challenges faced head on. Which is where new album ‘Shine’ came in; 11 songs that roll like liquid honey, all easy drift and rainy-day emotion, topped off by vocals – English vocals – that consistently favour the personal over the pat. The title track getting the nod as lead single/video, this was also the first album from Jana to be recorded & mixed outside of Slovakia, in an environment that sometimes loomed large in terms of language, weather & workload…

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