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Lucia Olešová
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This year's unsuccessful Slovakia SuperStar semifinalist Lucia Olešovej stirred up a controversy when she performed a song in the contest written by Canadian singer-songwriter Leah West. The problem was that the song was stolen by two Slovak composers who simply changed the title and translated the lyrics into Slovak. The person who tipped West off, told her he or she must remain anonymous due to the stature of Olesová’s family, who are said to be both wealthy and influential in Slovakia which makes Lucia no stranger to controversy in Slovakia. There was also a recent stir about her concerning a new Jaguar she was driving and just where she got it.

Olesová, who is already a star in her home country, is claiming innocence. In a Facebook conversation with West, she told her she was completely unaware of the gaff her producers committed.

West posted her complaint on Eurovision‘s Facebook site and wrote media outlets in Slovakia. With help from supporters there, the story hit the front page of at least one newspaper on Wednesday and received TV and radio coverage there.

She tracked down the singer and one of the producers on Facebook, and gave them an earful. Some of her fans made comments on the YouTube site, which prompted the corporation to pull the video from circulation. The singer, Lucia Olesova, contacted West and acknowledged the song was hers. Olesova claimed she was unaware of the similarities and asked West if she can record the song on her debut album.

“She‘s suing her producers. She‘s embarrassed,” West said. “She‘s all over the media. She‘s being slammed by radio and TV. They‘re attacking her as a singer.” West had already copyrighted the song and performance rights. She has contacted lawyers in the U.S. and Canada and hopes she can make a deal so Olesova can record the song.

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