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Mária Čírová
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Mária Čírová was born in 1988 in Trnave, Slovakia and was the 2008 Winner of the Coca Cola Popstar competition. María’s style reminded Eurovision a little of Beverley Craven, even to the extent of accompanying herself on the piano.

Mária comes from a musical family, her parents exposed her to music since her childhood. The first performance she attended she was 4 years old. Instead of dolls she got a microphone in hand and with the children's choir in her church. We also sang in a variety of small festivals in Slovakia - only 2 guitars and vocals. During primary school she went to various singing competitions. One of them is a well-known children's competition Peter Dvorsky, Slovak Nightingale, in which she has twice won first place in 1996 and 1999.

Mária loved singing, dancing, reciting and musical instruments. From 7 years she began to attend art schools and learned to play piano. She did not want to go to another school, only conservatory. In 2004, adopted at the conservatory in Bratislava and thus fulfilled a great dream. Since 2004 started her name became associated with Trnava gospel group Trinity Group (Martin "elm" Brestovanský Gabriel Guniš, brothers James and Philip Hittrichovci).

They played many concerts, festivals and in 2005 they recorded in Trnava in the studio of "J" in Milan and in the studio Tökölyho "Beneath" by Philip Hittricha album "For a Thousand Places" and in 2006 they won awards for "Best Album" in gospel music. The year 2008 brought the opportunity to join the Coca-Cola Popstar competition. Mária was close to graduation and it was a difficult decision, but she finally decided and composed her own songs in the studio with Philip Hittricha in March 2008 and Mária recorded a demo.

Her debut album is named "Storm"

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