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Martina Šindlerová
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Martina Šindlerová, also known as Martina Schindlerova, is a Slovak singer who rose to popularity after placing second in Slovensko hľadá SuperStar, the Slovak version of Pop Idol, shown by STV.

Martina, called Shisha, was born in Bratislava,the capital city of Slovakia, on 29th of June in 1988. She is attending the Bratisalava College of Law.

She has recorded her first album called "Patríme k Sebe" which won The Aurels for the best selling album in the category of singer and for the best selling album of all. Martina sold over 20,000 CDs. She is preparing the second CD now, which should be probably released in spring 2010. The producer is Oskar Rozsa, one of the best bass guitarists.

During her career Martina has appeared in TV shows singing her songs or sometimes as a guest. She placed second in Slovak Idol which was the show that made her famous. Her second CD is named "co sa to tu deje".

In her own words...

"I would really like to dedicate myself to singing professionally, but there are many factors to consider. One thing I learned about singing over the years - it's not all just fun. There were times when I was singing for 5 hours during one show well into the morning hours, 5 days in a week and then I had to get up and go to school. For two years I spent all my free time in a music school, while all the other kids were having fun going clubbing and so on. There were times when I felt bad about this, but they will never experience what I do - when I'm in front of the audience..." : Offical fanclub website

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