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Zuzana Hroncová
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Zuzana Hroncová [ Stage name: Suzie ] was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and is a singer. She speaks English, German, and Italian.

Suzie met the funky group Sax and Jay which was at that moment looking for a vocal singer. They offered her to come and try out their sound. Suzie sang the vocals in a very spontaneous way, providing this male formation with the right sound and form. They played several successful club concerts which allowed Suzie to feel more home in Slovak music. After some time Suzie started to appear as a solo singer. She was more and more invited to perform as a guest on big concerts where she met stars like Karel Gott, Lubomir Feldek and Jozef Laufer. Time to time Suzie can be seen also at concerts of her very famous father, musician Brano Hronec. Suzie also appeared as a guest on the album of slovak group PARA, which enriched their repertoire with her vocals.

The idea of her own CD brought about many technical and ideological issues. A suitable combination of music and technical partnerships was searched for a long time to ensure the best expression of Suzie's music style. Suzie writes her songs by herself, but still she is cooperating with some musicians and is open to any collaborations that move her. The most suitable partnership for the first CD appeared to be collaboration with the musician Michal Gecevsky in the area of lyrics ,and music collaborations with her cousin Dano "Godot" Butor. The first single "V Tichosti" was musically covered by Peter Lipa Jr. and the remaining material was created in studios of artists Oskar Rozsa and Lubomir "Umelec" Priehradnik.

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