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Amanda Capote Miles
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Amanda Capote Miles was born in Gran Canarias, Spain. She is a 22 year old Spanish model and actress who speaks Spanish, English, and French. She currently spends her time in Tenerife, Madrid, and Barcelona.

Her professional experience includes, in part, the following:


  • Promodelia Agency – Madrid (2006)
  • La Caleta in bikini (July 2006).
  • Hotel Mencey for Modas Marilyn (October 2006).
  • Television programme (weekly) ” Aquí me quedo” for television channel “Cadena Azul” (2006-2007).
  • Television programme at terraza BONAMARA – Madrid during the finals of “Top Verano”
  • Part in the film “Sweet Dreams” produced in Tenerife (November 2006).
  • Documentary for photographer Chema Martínez (June 2007).
  • Interview for the television programme "el kakao canario" for Carnavals (2007).
  • Interview for the special carnaval programme of the station “ Antena 3 “ (2007).
  • Interview for the local television "Ocho" which was emitted every day during January and February 2007.
  • Finalist of the television contest “TOP VERANO 2007” of “Tele 5”.
  • Two interviews for the television programme “El Buscador”
  • Interview for the television programme “TNT”
  • Finalist in MISS BIKINI WORLD (SPAIN), representing Canary Islands.
  • MISS TEEN SPAIN 2007 in Miss Continentes del Mundo (Peru – April 2007) , obtaining the title MISS EUROPE TEEN 2007.
  • ONE of the CARNAVAL QUEENS for Santa Cruz de Tenerife for 2007.
  • MISS ISLAS CANARIAS in Miss Internet 2006.
  • Finalist in MISS TANGARA 2007.
  • Finalist in MISS TENERIFE 2007.
  • Cover for the digital magazine
  • Numerous interviews for local press during Carnavals 2007 (El Día, La Opinión, El Diario de Avisos, La Gaceta)
  • Two interviews Publisher in the magazine of "Islas Airways" (December 2006 and February 2007)
  • Cover of the weekly magazine Lancelot - Lanzarote
  • Photographic sessions for sports wear “p 3.14 “and “Vitamina C” and for local television “Azul”.
  • Two photographic sessions for photographer Joa Rubio (February and June 2007)
  • Photographic sessions for photographer Chema Martínez for the digital magazine and a television programme for Antena 3.
  • Photographic session for Manuel Rios and presented at Premios Luz 2007.
  • Photographic sessions for photographer Xose Abeijón in Lanzarote (September 2007)
  • Company image for the airlines “Islas Airways” (July 2006 – February 2007).
  • Several jobs for agencies such as Carbo Events and Book Agency.

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