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Bebe was born María Nieves Rebolledo Vila in Valencia de Alcántara, Spain on May 9, 1978. Her parents were members of the Extremaduran folk group Surberina. Her breakthrough album in Spain was entitled Pafuera Telarañas though she gained international recognition after winning the Best New Artist award at the 2005 Latin Grammy Awards. She was nominated for five awards total. The first single from Pafuera Telarañas, "Malo" charted worldwide. Her song Se Fue was chosen as the Starbucks iTunes Pick of the Week for November 3, 2009.

On 25 June 2006, Bebe announced that for now her album Pafuera Telarañas would be her debut and her farewell because she was retiring from the stage for a while. Bebe said that even if there is pressure to build up a discography, "I am not thinking of making another CD for quite some time. For a little more than two years I've promoted the same CD and I'm still not done." Nonetheless, she planned to continue touring the US and Mexico. "One has to recycle oneself or one becomes asphyxiated, one has to give oneself space or lose one's mind," she stated. She released a new album, Y., in 2009.

During her musical break, Bebe switched to acting proving her good judgement and playing lead roles in some movies by renowned and prestigious film makers: La educación de las hadas (Fairies’ Education) directed by José Luis Cuerda, El oro de Moscú (Moscow’s Gold) by Jesús Bonilla, Al sur de Granada (South of Granada) by Fernando Colomo, Entre cien fuegos (Between Hundred Fires) by Iñaki Eizmendi, Busco (I’m Searching) a short film featuring popular Spanish actor Imanol Arias for the Amnesty International Control Arms campaign, Caótica Ana (Chaotic Ana) by Julio Medem... In 2007, Bebe won a Goya Cinema Award as Best Original Song for Tiempo pequeño (Small Time), from the La educación de las hadas (Fairies’ Education) film. After taking part in Caótica Ana (Chaotic Ana) in 2007, Bebe took some time to rest, she hopped on her van and went far, far away, to get some fresh air and enjoy breathing new and different airs for a while. She set sail to a nice and free of hostility place, from which she returned relaxed, recharged and with notebooks filled with ideas for new songs.

Almost five years without releasing any new songs, challenging and ignoring established rules, marking her own natural life pace, always on the alert, paying attention with open senses. The creative process of her new album has been a long and thorough one, some kind of a mental and physical emotional journey in total solitude.

In an environment where friendship, work and affection melt and where family plays a key role for Bebe, especially her parents who are her indispensable, natural and essential reference point. And this singer-songwriter hailing from Extremadura, western Spain who grew up in Zafra and Montijo, attached to her land, her family and her people, is set to undertake a new adventure with her new album, new songs and new prospects. She feels like jumping on stage because she believes that the evolution and growth of the album should be reflected in the shows in a process that requires time. Considering herself fortunate and happy to be back again with her team, Bebe is facing this new phase in her career filled with excitement.

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