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Beatriz Luengo
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Beatriz Luengo was born December 23, 1982 in Madrid. She is a Spanish actress, latin pop/R&B singer and dancer. She released her first album Mi Generación in 2005.

Beatriz Luengo he grew up and lived in the district of Hortaleza. In her free time, she played in the district basketball team.It was not until she was six years old that she began to be interested in show business, after seeing a TV broadcast of the musical Cabaret starring Liza Minnelli, who became a role model for her and has remained so.

She has specialized in singing with the best teachers. Her dance training was acquired at the Royal Academy of Dance, where she studied ballet, jazz dance, Funky and flamenco.

When she was ten, she formed a musical group called Tatu with two childhood friends. They recorded a CD but the record label went out of business and their debut-album was not released. Disappointed, Beatriz gave up attending casting calls. After months, her mother persuaded her to try auditioning as a dancer in the Rita and Miliki Circus, which she did, successfully. Later, she danced in different TV spots of TVE and was the singer in the TV program Esto Me Suena, beginning her busy career in theater and televisión. After that, she performed in musicals like La Magia de Broadway I and II, Annie, Jekyll & Hyde, Hermanos de Sangre and three times in Peter Pan. In those musicals she played roles alongside other major Spanish artists like Marta Sanchez, Serafín Zubiri or Carlos Marín - Il Divo; even if she didn't play always the leading role, she had the chance to work with such professionals as the late producer Luis Ramirez, musical directors Alberto Quintero and Cesar Belda, and choreographer Luka Yesi.

Beatriz had her first appearance in a feature film in "Pasión Adolescente" in 2000. In television, she appeared in episodes of Spanish soap operas such as Robles Investigador Privado, Policías, Periodistas and El Comisario. In 2001, Beatriz was chosen to star in Un paso adelante, along with actors like Mónica Cruz, Silvia Marty, Pablo Puyol, Dafne Fernández or Lola Herrera, which made her very well-known in Spain, Europe and some South American countries; it was here that the musical group Upa Dance was born. Upa Dance sold more than 600,000 copies of their first record.

In spite of the big success of Upa Dance and the amount of their concerts, Beatriz has wanted to develop new musical and creative interests, reason by which she began to imagine her artistic proposal. In 2005 she released her debut-solo album, "Mi Generación", under Universal Music label, and was recorded between Spain, Belgium and the United States. The album is purely a R&B/Pop album, mixing some flamenco beats.

In early 2005, she released the first single from the album, "Mi Generación", but failed to make impact on the Spanish charts, despite peaking at #4 on the Airplay chart. She won the prize "Better Musical Future", and she was chosen by the Spanish audience to represent Spain at the "Wanadoo Discoveries" in Nice, France, where she placed 2nd. She was also nominated to the MTV European Music Awards celebrated in Lisbon. She was invited in 2005 to the Grammy Awards and in 2006 to Cannes Festival in France.

The second single lifted from the album was "Go Away", a song written by American Pop star Justin Timberlake, and peaked at #1 on the Spanish Singles Chart. The third and final single was "Hit Lerele", a R&B song which managed to peak at #4 in Spain. The album only peaked at #20 in Spain, and went on to sell in excess 30,000 copies, "Mi Generación" had also an exclusive release in France, via FNAC stores, and peaked at #4 on the FNAC Top 20, without any forms of promotion.

In 2006, after the success of "Un Paso Adelante" in France, Universal released an edition of "Mi Generación" there, called "BL". The lead single was "Hit Lerele", and peaked at #14 in France, and sold more than 90,000 copies there, becoming a great start for the singer. The second single was "Escape", and did also well on the charts, peaking at #14, and selling again 90,000 copies.

The album was released in mid-2006, and peaked at #7, selling 130,000 copies and being certified as Gold, enjoying great success in France. The third and final single lifted from "BL" was the untempo R&B song "May Yo Lo", featuring Ruzzo from Orishas. However, this single was only a promo single for French music stations, and did well in some radio stations. This album managed to peak at #58 on the European Top 100 Albums Chart, and the single "Hit Lerele" was also a Top 50 hit on the European Hot 100 Singles Chart.

After three years outside the music scene, she got back with a new album early 2008. The album was entirely recorded in France, and it is called "Carrousel". The album was produced by Yotuel Romero and Andrés Levín, and Beatriz wrote all the lyrics. The album is a mixture of various rhytmes, from flamenco to R&B and Adult-Contemporary Pop. The album was released on May 4, 2008, via Universal Music Spain.

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