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Belén Arjona
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Belén Arjona García was born in Madrid, May 10, 1981. She is a singer of Pop-Rock and the influence of her music includes great names like Janis Joplin, Alanis Morissette, Skunk Anansie, Guano Apes, Ella Fitzgerald, Prodigy, Garbage, MUSE and Alicia Keys.

She began to sing since at an early age and began to learn guitar and to compose songs at 13 years of age when she also formed her first band. later Belén crossed the bars of Madrid singing her songs until 2002 when she was contracted by Warner Music Spain, after a performance in a bar in which they saw her.

After an extensive tour of concerts, where Belén and her band crossed Spain, Warner Music decided to re-edit the debut of Belén Arjona in view of the great success that she was achieving with the light promotion which they made of the album. Then Belén recorded in May 2004 a concert in Sala Caracol (Room Snail) in Madrid.

Belén Arjona receives a nomination to Latin Grammy and yet Warner Music continued with its policy of not making very little promotion of Belén even after the nomination. For this reason she decided to leave Warner Music. At the present time, Belén Arjona is finishing her studies of history and working on her third album - Wings In My Feet - under the production of Fernando Montesinos, on its new record label Tool-Caes with a new band with John Lanigan (her boyfriend) of the British group Lazywall and Rubén Villanueva of Ebony Ark on guitars, Echedey Molina on bass and Juan Carlos Gibaja on drums.

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