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Bianca Porcelli
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Bianca Porcelli was born in Barcelona in 1978 and is of Spanish and Italian nationality. Bianca was initiated into the fashion world at age 18.

She was found by pure coincidence by Natasha - the Director of the Agency "Natasha's Models". She began working in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), Germany (Munich), France (Paris), China (Peking), Greece (Athens) in Editorial, Catalogue, Television, and advertising campaigns for numerous companies.

At age 21, Bianca was in Paris and decided to resolve her anxieties and to expand her know-how of the world of the Image, thus she returned to Barcelona to begin studies and recieved a Diploma in Graphic Design & Multimedia. While she continued her studies she continued her career as a Model working with other Agencies such as Teresa Gimpera among others.

She had the opportunity to be developed as Project Manager, and subsequently the Director of Production of the project "Blackout Station" ( "Barcelona Jumps" ( a dream that started and materialized into the shape of book and which represented a year and a half of effort, hard work, and above all, a lot of illusion. She is currently living in Cataluña, Spain.

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